If you want all of the ads to run on your Facebook Ad Account. Follow the 2 part process.

Summary of parts

  1. Find your Ad Account ID, update your payment method and send us the ID you found
  2. Once we receive your ID, we’ll send a request to manage your Ad Account and let you know how to accept it

Part 1

Send your Ad Account ID and update your payment method

*Make sure you’re on a desktop computer or laptop

1) Go to “Manage Ads”


2) Copy the Ad Account ID that would be appear as shown in the red box below


3) Set up your payment method on Facebook by doing the following:

Click this link: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/account_settings/account_billing/

Then click “Add Payment Method”

4) Finally, email support@propertyspark.com once you’ve done this and send us your Ad Account ID.

Part 2

Wait for us to send you a request to manage your Ad Account. We’ll send you instructions on how to accept it.

Those instructions can also be found here: https://dashboard.propertyspark.com/use-your-own-facebook-ad-account-part-2/